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Edit with half the power of your creativity and control video editor Pinnacle Studio 21 – the best accordion better now? Last pinnacle Studio give you the tools you need to create a video, including premium effects from NewBlue FX. The advanced features such as new compositions Morph Split Screen text video, and multi-camera video editing, you can create and 4K HD video in control, and purchasing a sure like FiltraProAnda.Perlu.Get the government to work and can no longer be thought of as the ultimate Pinnacle Studio!


Live Video and house editors’ styling Print Capture

– 2,000 + train, plus a premium effect NewBlue

– Unlimited video editing, HD, 4K and 3D

– New User Interface

– new transitions morph

– new paint effects

– Split Screen text New Video

– New Securities from NewBlue FX

– A new wide angle lens Lens branched

Advanced video editing.

The HD video at 4K for Editsumma steps!


2.000+enjoythe video filters, transitions and other effects.

Professional tools INVENTION

Try your hand at 360 video editing, audio channels, and the multi-camera video editing!

Screen memory software

And it easier to capture photography or demo to see how it is eating.

Premium collection effect.

Exclusive to the end! From 1000 Sed leverage NewBlue 9.

Bubble slope deal

See what’s new in the Pinnacle Studio 21 – is the best iustummelior!

FORMULA user interface barupencipta

21pinnacle Studio introduces a new intuitiveuser interface to see what you eat simplifies and allows quick access to the tools you need for power and riches which you wish. Moderate to perfect the use of saving to use!

Split collaborative text Video

Show more video streams simultaneously with the new Split Screen text. To create a memorial to easily drag and drop from the last trip videoseu Each share of the highlights!

A new penalty Executive

nibhit changes according to the motion of the town of AndaVideo Storybook to be easy. Drag and drop-stylefilters to add effects to create the next great jaws or undergraduate cartoon animation.

A new transition morph

Create smooth transitions between clips. And our own tastes, and the arrangement of the people of the stage and the image of the genus or species of desertions and combine the cut yourselves, nor, as I see it, there is no clear beginning or end.

360 had increased the glory and greatness, I see that and intended to

In this latest form of the vault, Pinnacle Studio now populer360 final video formatssupportsall of the ball. Simply import your 360 footage and start editing!

A new NewBlue FX

Add emphasis in history to see the focus, color, and color selective. Also targeted soft 100 to produce professional quality results with new plugins in 10 V. The problem

A new lens to wide angle lens branched

He quickly attaches to remove him from the sprain to wide angle and branched, such as a video camera, and for the time of birth. faciteprospectus the remaining water lines and a writing competition.

Editor new 3D titles

Addthis 3DdiperluasPilihan to enjoy 3D videos with titles like the blockbuster to the certification on behalf of feels more than ever before. Engage your audience with the certification of origin and the options may improve on your video, and it can be easily to be understood.


Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21

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