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The Samurai Together Returns (JFF) The story continues from the 2014 hit “The Samurai Hustle”, as seen by Masaatsu Naito and his men fighting for the same time and money to make the procession. Returning home from his visit ritual, Masaatsu and his staff realized that the rebellion had leftOf his absence and that his castle was burned to the ground. Because of the fear of losing more of their land, men are in another race with a time full of danger and heaven.

Language: Japanese

Translation: ENGLISH

Classification: P13

General date of issue: September 7, 2017

Genre:Action / comedy

Duration: 1 hour and 59 minutes

Distributor: Film Festival Organizer

Written: Kuranousuke Sasaki, Kyoko Fukada, Tsujoshi Ihara, Takanori Jinai

Directed by: Katsuhide Motoki

Format: 2D

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Samurai Hustle Returns JFF 2017

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